Fushun Greenland Center Super High-rise

Project Details

Land area: 31,000 ㎡  Gross building area: 183,000 ㎡
Building area on the ground: 144,000㎡  Building area underground: 38,000 ㎡
Number of storeys: 60  Height of building: 280 m

This project is a newly built premium super high-rise urban complex composed of a 60-storey tower building and a 3-storey podium. Its gross building area is 183,000 ㎡ (including the refuge storey), among which the building area on the ground is 143, 700 ㎡ and the building area underground is 38,280 ㎡; the total height of building is 280 m, with 60 storeys on the ground and 2 storeys underground.  
The project base is located at the junction of Hunhe Landscape Belt, the core plate of Fushun Economic and Technological Development Zone and the urban functional axis, and is a scarce "Golden Area" in Shenfu New Town. It will form the landscape and visual center of the city together with Circle of Life.  
After completion, it can greatly affect the city landscapes and cultural environment of Fushun Economic and Technological Development Zone; therefore, its design aims to ensure the harmony between the building and environment.  
Concept and characteristics of design programme:
Shenyang and Fushun are located in northeast China, where the historical background is  complicated. The two cities take rose as their city flower which represents elegance and vitality. The  cylindrical bud shape represents the harmony and beauty of the city landscape, and is the most appropriate form in between tranquility and liveliness. The specific design programme is formulated based on this shape. Its inspiration comes from a cone; the edge of the first petal is lined out based on this. Then another petal is lined out which rotates for 60° around the center of circle, and then revolves on its own geometric center for 8° to form superposed petals. Finally, 6 petals are lined out around the center in the same way. The ascending curves are not only tall and vivid, but also imply the strength of striving forward in elegance. We name it "Flower of New Town".  

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